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Vita Student, Copper Towers

The Copper Towers, Vita Students newest offering to Coventry. Situated in the heart of the city, the building will house hundreds of students, meaning there are hundreds of windows, all of which need covering. We started this huge commercial blind project at the start of 2023.

Vita student copper tower case study 08

Curtains. So many curtains.

Our teams first arrived on site in January. We immediately began fitting the curtain tracks and drapes throughout the flats and student rooms. Working alongside site management we moved through the decorated rooms, adding the final piece to the puzzle.

The curtain drape fabric was lined for complete darkness to provide good sleep in the combi bedroom/living rooms.

While we had completed the curtain installation by April, it wouldn’t be until June that the communal spaces were ready for fitting. Which is where we snapped these wonderful pictures of them.

Enjoy the finished rooms over on Vita Student Copper Towers.

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